Resources – Issue #5 – Tomorrow’s Donor

Check here each month for links to articles and other helpful resources. This month I’ve included links to the following helpful resources: – How to Conduct and Online Survey –


Check here each month for links to articles and other helpful resources: – New book by Seth Godin – Area Code / Zip Code Finder web site – Special Issue

Research – Issue #3

Each month this section of “Tomorrow’s Donor” contains information to help you learn more about the power of the Internet and e-mail. A link to the full article is included.

Research – Issues #1 & #2

This page contains quotes and/or references to articles and links to their web-based sources. I do my best to elimanate broken links, but if you discover any, please do let

It’s 10 AM – Do You Know Where Your Donors Are?

Have you ever thought, “What’s the very best time of day to send e-mail?” If you’ve seen us at any of our educational sessions lately you probably know that we

Get Emotional!

I’ve been reading lately about how people make buying decisions. A study at University of Rochester School of Medicine in New York concludes that even the most rational decisions, when

Content: the key to effective e-mail cultivations

Previous issues of Tomorrow’s Donor have focused on a WHY? or a HOW-TO for using e-mail as a donor cultivation tool. Over the last year I have watched more and

How do I set up my organization’s website to accept online donations?

From merchant accounts to payment processing, how do I set up my organization’s web site to accept online donations? Whether you are setting it up yourself or hiring a company

Have You Made an Online Donation Lately?

Even if you personally have not, it appears that since the September 11th attacks on the United States, many Americans have made a donation online. The American Liberty Partnership (

How do I get started?

How do I get started? – Steps for implementing an e-mail cultivation strategy   Have you thought about using e-mail but had no idea where to begin? Here are a