Tomorrow's Donor Tomorrow's Donor Research – Issues #1 & #2

Research – Issues #1 & #2

This page contains quotes and/or references to articles and links to their web-based sources. I do my best to elimanate broken links, but if you discover any, please do let me know.


“Of the 106 million Americans with Internet access, 93% use it to send e-mail.”
Pew Internet & American Life Project Survey, November-December 2000.

“According to a new study from Gartner, 42% of [e-mail] users check their business e-mail while on vacation, while 23% check it on the weekends.”
Study: Users Addicted to E-mail, July 5, 2001

“Early evidence suggests that technology will make giving easier, attract more first-time donors, and stimulate bigger-than-average donations.” James E. Austin in his article, “The E-Philanthropy Revolution Is Here to Stay” from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Vol. 13, March 8, 2001 (Subscription required to view article.)

Permission Marketing & Seth Godin
Read the “Fast Company” article (April 1998)
“Are Bounced Messages an Inevitable Part of E-Mail Marketing?” by Owen Thomas, Business 2.0, 7/31/2001.,1653,16586,FF.html

“The Email Savvy Organization” by Michael Gilbert.

“Wired Seniors: A fervent few, inspired by family ties” The Pew Internet & American Life Project, 9/9/2001.

“National Coalition for the Homeless Debuts First E-mail” by Mickey Alam Khan, 8/21/2001. (Subscription required to view article.)

“The Impact of Information Technology on Civil Society: How Will Online Innovation, Philanthropy and Volunteerism Serve the Common Good?” 2001 Independent Sector Spring Research Forum in the latest issue of Facts and Findings. to download the PDF.

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