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Resources – Issue #5 – Tomorrow’s Donor

Check here each month for links to articles and other helpful resources. This month I’ve included links to the following helpful resources:

– How to Conduct and Online Survey
– Multi-Generational Marketing for Non-profits
– Tomorrow’s Donor Archives

How to Conduct an Online Survey, Part II The Art of Question Writing
If you are thinking of doing a survey (online or off), MarketingSherpa has a great series on things to think about BEFORE you make it public!
This website has some of the best information out there on e-mail marketing from a business perspective. Visit the site for articles on “best practices”, tips and how-to’s.
Multi-Generational Marketing For Non-profits
by George Williams, Communications Specialist, PlannedLegacy
This is quite a lengthy article, but it’s one that specifically addresses the five living generations from “The G.I. Generation” (1901-24) to “The Millenials” (1982-2000) and how important it is for non-profits to understand the backgrounds, values, priorities and preferred communication styles of America’s generations.
How to Stop Your Email Campaigns and Newsletters From Being Filtered Out
Do you know if everyone you are sending to is receiving your e-mail messages? If you aren’t sure or if your response is “Why wouldn’t they?”, you need to read this article from MarketingSherpa to find out what could be happening to your messages if you aren’t careful. I know at least one major non-profit organization (that holds long-distance endurance events to raise funds) who’s messages have fallen prey to Hotmail’s “bulk mail” folder.
Tomorrow’s Donor Archives
Wishing you had kept an article or link from a previous issue? Now all previous articles and resources are available by clicking on the “Back Issues” button in the left-hand menu near the top of each page. Can’t find something? Let me know.

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